First Appointment

Your first appointment is predominantly for me to gather information about your current state of health, presenting complaints and to offer you some immediate relief from your pain or difficulty. In short, I need to take a full and thorough case history that includes all your past health, injuries, operations and medications, however irrelevant you may feel this is. This is for your own safety, as well as mine!!! If you do not want to give me these details then I cannot and will not treat you.

I will carry out a detailed consultation with you and evaluate whether or not my therapies are appropriate and safe to use with your condition.

Assuming all is well I will then offer to treat you, however, if I feel that it would not be appropriate I would tell you and advise some other solution to your condition.

I will review:

  • Your current presenting complaints
  • Medical and surgical history
  • Lifestyle

Then follows a series of very thorough examinations and tests including orthopaedic, neurological, medical and functional muscle testing, as appropriate. Occasionally I will need to order x-rays, MRI scans, blood and urine analysis or further physiological function tests in order to diagnose the nature of your problems.

To be examined I generally do not require you to remove your clothing.

I am happy for women to be accompanied by a friend or partner.

Legally I require anyone under 16 (and I prefer anyone under 18) to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Once an examination, diagnosis and assessment is made I will discuss my findings, explain any risks, ask for your consent to treatment based on what I've told you and offer you treatment if we have time. If not I will offer you the next available appointment to start your treatment. As stated earlier, if your condition is deemed unsuitable for my methods I will try to recommend the most appropriate person to help you.