John is amongst the top 10 Osteopaths in the world & certainly in the top 3 in the UK. His knowledge is phenomenal & his hands on ability amazing. He gets results when all the others fail. John stands out because of his massive knowledge and range of approach which helps him to find what is wrong and how to fix it fast! He also works within the bounds of common sense and if he can not help you he will refer you to someone who can. Simply brilliant.

Dr. R. Kingston DO.(Aus)

You are one of the Osteopaths at the forefront of our field.

R. Stevens, Master's Degree Osteopathic student

John Taberman-Pichler brings to my mind 2 famous quotations.

1. "Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration."  Thomas Edison

2. "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function." F Scott Fitzgerald.

John's unquenchable drive to expand his knowledge and skills has seen him escape the constraints of any single discipline.  He's mastered Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Podiatry, the list goes on and on.

John doesn't just hold two opposed views, he hold's hundreds, but still has the clarity of thought not be a slave to any of them.   

One body, many interlinking systems.  One clinician, many therapeutic approaches.

John has the courage not to hide behind text books and, crucially, deeply cares about his patients.  He will not bring you back endlessly, running up huge costs without confidence it's going to do fix your problem.  A flaw sadly present in many other practitioners I've met.

Put simply, John is probably your best hope of solving your pains and conditions.

If you are thinking of visiting, don't hesitate to book in now!


Just to let you know that I had a 2nd toe operation and indeed this time they found large bone spurs on the proximal phalanx of my 2nd toe. Digging right into the nerve.

Thank you so much for your help.  Your diagnosis and explanation gave me the confidence to keep pursuing the issue even when all the scans and surgeons were telling me otherwise.

I really wouldn’t have got this result without you.You are the ONLY person I’ve met amongst hundreds who actually understands.

Richard Smither

My neck has felt secure on our long drive home to Holland for the first time in 10 years since the accident. You have given me real hope - the only person to have done so. You have been the missing link of the puzzle for me.

Mrs L. R

I have used many, many practitioners over the years to greater and lesser success. John is in a different category to them all. I would highly recommend him to any one with muscular or skeletal problems/pain.

Mr M. O'Neil

Having suffered hideous back pain for weeks and getting nowhere by visiting my GP, who just advised taking pain killers, I was recommended John by a friend. Today I now feel half my age, and in no pain!! Superb!! I can't express how happy and amazed I am at how accurately and effectively John has sorted me out. He really knows exactly what he is doing and is very thorough. If something's out of place, he'll find it. John makes the whole session an absolute ball with his hilarious, jolly, friendly and sympathetic manner. And it isn't painful, well maybe for a couple of minutes here and there, but well worth it. I left the clinic today with a big smile on my face, feeling an inch taller, more able to breath and with no pain and I could move my body around freely again. Worth every penny. I wouldn't ever go to anyone else for this sort of thing, he's a genius.


My back pains began at the age of 14 and I was told when I was 17 that there was nothing further the NHS could do to assist me other than major surgery which may or may not work. Over the course of approximately 10 years I went through many Doctors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors, none of whom could help me. After one session with John I began to feel better. 

John discovered that I had suffered an injury during childhood. This is not something that had been picked up by any of the other medical professionals that I had dealt with. I have received sensitive and holistic treatment from John at all times. He is keen to get you on the road to recovery as quickly and safely as possible and, in my experience, will not perform any unnecessary treatments. John has a professional and friendly manner, which enables you to completely trust that he is doing the best he can for you.

I do not think I am being melodramatic when I say, quite simply, John has changed my life!

Miss K. Edwards

I felt incredibly sleepy yesterday evening as you predicted. I slept better than I had done in at least 3 years - probably longer. I feel more open, more able to breathe fully and free from pain, if a little stiff and creaky. I am moving slowly and carefully as I am almost frightened of doing something that will take me back to the painful state I had come to expect as the 'norm'. I feel completely different - both physically and mentally. Relief and near exhilaration would be appropriate words to use! Long may it continue.

Mrs K. H

Over the years, I have looked for relief for low back and hip pain, and tried many body workers, osteopaths and chiropractors. Often spending a lot of money and having many treatments before the realization that nothing was fundamentally changing. John had been recommended for his holistic view and treatment. 

John's knowledge, skill, and quality of care I feel is totally unique.  When I first saw John, I had just about given up hope of ever finding an answer or solution to my ongoing issues. To my utter amazement John had picked up on a couple of underlying issues that he felt could never be resolved by Osteopathy, tests confirmed he was absolutely correct! Although it has to be said, that the treatment I did receive was by far the best ever, and did help at a surface level a great deal. I truly feel so grateful for all I received from John, he has really saved me from a great deal of further problems. not only that, he is kind and completely down to earth and so approachable.  

I could seriously rave on and on about how completely amazing he is, but you must find out for yourself. I have since sent many friends to see him, they have all felt so happy with the treatment they received. I would never see anyone else again.

Mrs. J. Godden

Can't praise him enough. My wife and myself have been going to him for years with various muscle, joint and health issues. Each time he has identified and remedied our issue. I will not say that he is a one stop shop but most times he will have you sorted out in one session and then if you think you need further treatment then he is happy to continue. Not the same at other practitioners who put you on a course of visits that end up costing you a fortune and not always sort you out.

Mrs. & Mr A. N.

Dear John, Hallelujah! Someone who knows what they are doing! Having taken my medical history and quickly made a diagnosis, you then fixed the problem within 5 minutes! I have been taking strong pain killers and had every test at A&E know to man, with no reason for my pain. A miss diagnosis of muscular strain was given. You worked your magic and immediately, I was pain free. For the first time in 11 days I didn’t need pain killers and I can’t praise you enough. You were professional, quick and very accurate knowing exactly where the pain was. Thanks John, I highly recommend you to anyone who can’t do without their painkillers. I’ve thrown away the crutches and feel amazing! (Metaphorically speaking).


Jill Meeres


Adrian Monti writing in the Daily Express newspaper

Many thanks for one of the best courses I have ever attended. Your presentation was superb. I will introduce these straightforward approaches into my practice immediately & would recommend your courses to anyone who wishes to improve their ability.

P. Sadler D.O.,Lic.Ac.,MICAK.

You have put together a very slick system for assessing & treating very many more elements of a back problem than most practitioners would ever think about. You demonstrated that you could run this protocol very quickly & easily. Thanks again for a most informative and useful course.

M. O. Mathews BSc(Hons).,D.O.,MICAK. Founder of The Sunflower Trust 

John is an inveterate searcher after improvement and advancement for his patients. I have known him since he was a student and watched him during that time devote himself tirelessly to learning new and advanced means to help his patients in a never ending commitment to high quality care. He is someone from whom you can always learn something and he never tires of the quest for greater understanding and insight. Truly a rare find!

C. Lindley-Jones B.Ed.(Hons).,D.O.,DIBAK.