John Taberman-Pichler

Manual therapeutic approaches (which include Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Osteomyology, Muscular Skeletal Therapy, Applied Kinesiology and many others) are designed to improve mechanical and muscular skeletal problems. The focus is specifically on joint and muscle function but different approaches are needed to achieve results. It has been suggested by the founders and practitioners of acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy and osteopathy that by treating these structures, the nerve, blood, lymphatic and subtle energy supply to all the organs and functions of the body can be affected. In simple terms when a joint seizes up, for whatever reason, a program of joint mobilising, coupled with ligament, muscle, neurological and reflex techniques will often resolve the problem and stop the associated pain and dysfunction.

By Dr. Roger Kingston. Budermin Osteopath, Australia.

Dr. John Taberman-Pichler - A brilliant Osteopath and teacher

Continuing in the series of my inspirational teachers, Dr John Taberman-Pichler of Uckfield in Sussex, is one of particular note. I first came across John as an external examiner in our OSCE exams - osteopathic student clinical exam - and was struck by his ability to think outside of the box. John would ask “what box?” “there is no box” and this approach enabled him to view clinical situations from a very different perspective. Unconventional by nature and an anti-establishment figure by nature meant he wasn’t given an opportunity to teach undergraduate students for fear of corrupting them to his understanding of the human function. However such a personality drew me to him!

John was a graduate of the European School of Osteopathy and had grown up and educated in the Steiner system. On graduation he went to work for two leading exponents of Applied Kinesiology, Chris Astill-Smith and Mark Mathews, who ironically became my mentors many years later. John loved learning and was to be found at every post-graduate course especially Applied Kinesiology. He went on to study with all the very best before becoming clinically certified in Applied Kinesiology. But his interests extended into all aspects of healing and his eclectic nature naturally developed him into a practitioner of unique abilities.

After my graduation I spent a day in John’s practise and he duly corrupted me! He made me see a bigger picture and to open my eyes further and instilling in me that “the subconscious healing capacity” of the patient would communicate with you if you learnt to ask the appropriate questions and to remain open to be surprised. He introduced me to multiple concepts untaught in my undergraduate studies and ones no one since has even hinted to.

Over the years I kept bumping into him and each time he was onto “something new” which developed his efficacy even further. Much of what he used to do became refined or discarded as he constantly evolved deeper understandings of the body’s ability to heal itself. Eventually he started teaching his methodology but somehow the non linear processes of his clinical logic did not rest easy on paper. His genius was in his hands and in the ability to see the bigger picture, a skill not necessarily captured by a crude camera.

John’s practice became one which people would travel to to get fixed! He did not believe in extensive treatment programs. You either were going to get better and fast with what he did or you needed someone else to look after you. I admired this integrity which is often a rare commodity in some “practitioners” who become increasingly “maintenance focused”. The big names in the pop music world gravitated towards him as did many elite professional sports and dance people and perhaps what gave him is greatest pleasure - student osteopaths!

John has two daughters who he adores and is still practising in Uckfield in East Sussex as well as in Australia where he is also registered. His clients now come from all across the country and many from Europe and beyond such is his fame. He is always in demand as a teacher.

From my perspective he took the blinkers off my eyes and added colour to the canvas in what could have been a very dull black and white image. That took a very skilled teacher to do and he is one of the very best.